The first steps of Muheem

A journey of Muheem started to change the phenomenon thinking related menstruation of societies. During Ms. Swati’s studies, She felt a deep silence from home to school-college on the issue of periods.  The first initiative to talk about this topic started with a few workshops on a period with girls, after which they organised an art competition cantered on Period with young girls.  

In an art competition, an eight-year-old girl made a portrait of the sanitary pad and wrote, 'Now I will never be afraid when the period has come.' This statement of that girl became the main foundation for starting a campaign on a period of time.  Ms. Swati and Mr. Ramkinkar thought that when a small initiative, we could have prepared a small child (whose period has not started yet), mentally prepared so much so if there is continuous work on this subject, then of course a healthy environment  can be constructed.  

On the same pattern, at the present time, the work is being done not only on sustainable menstruation, but also in the direction of promoting gender equality, women's personality, reproductive health & rights and organisational development by keeping the subject in the centre.