The main objective of this program centred on sustainable menstruation is to create a healthy environment on the issue of menstruation. Under this program, four major programs have been compiled, which are as follows:

  1. Women health and menstruation 
  2. Hygiene and Menstruation 
  3. Gender, Sexuality and Menstruation 
  4. Indian Culture on Menstruation 



To make these positive and effective initiatives in understanding, considering and gender parallel aspects of gender, sexuality and rights this program has been started. In this program following major topics has been included:

  1. Concept of Gender & Gender role in our daily life  
  2. Gender Discrimination and Equality
  3. Concept and Importance of Sex and Sexuality 
  4. Indian Society on women sexuality
  5. Women legal rights in India



This program of Muheem focuses on the women empowerment in different aspects in the perspective of to promote gender equality. In this program these following major topics has been included:

  1. Women Sexuality and Mental health
  2. Menstruation 
  3. Safe Abortion 
  4. Women’s legal rights 
  5. Women Empowerment through culture 


Bachpan Bachao (Save the Childhood)

In order to stop the growing incidents of child sexual abuse in the society, the 'Save the childhood' program was started. Under this program these following topics has been included:

      1- Human body's private parts

      2- Concept of Child abuse 

      3- Good touch and bad touch 

      4- Legal provision and facility for child abuse 


Positive Shape (Comprehensive Sexuality Education)

In Muheem believe that it is very important that children should work with gender education only from the beginning so for this Positive Shape program has been started. In this program these following topics are included: 


  1. Self-Esteem 
  2. Respect 
  3. Personality Development
  4. Comprehensive Sexuality Education


Career Counselling

This program was launched to give a right direction to the rural youth through the campaign. In this program we focuses on these following section:

  1. Development of decision making capacity
  2. Finding strengths of youth 
  3. Available career opportunity 
  4. Career options