Sanjana Maurya

"An organisation like “Muheem”, which brings light to topics such as Menstruation, gender equality, sexuality, women empowerment as many other topics which are most kept to dark. It has overcome the many hurdles, making effective impact in the rural areas of different parts of the country such as Varanasi. It would be a delight to see them rise and spread in the country making remarkable progress." - Sanjana Maurya, Social Activist, Mumbai 


Sanjay Swatantra

"In rural areas, the work of Muheem on subjects like menstruation, gender, sexuality, women empowerment is highly appreciated. This young team has shown its influence in very limited resources, which is less seen in today’s modern era. I like to plan and implement every of their work with a systematic and focused approach. I wish that this mission should be started in other areas of the country as well". - Sanjay Swatantra, Chief Sub Editor, Jansatta, Indian Express


Vir Baeza

"My experience collaborating with Muheem has been and is great. I think they work with very good ideas and their initiative is something that moves me. Since I met them, they became part of my family and I wanted to be part of their project. I really believe that in order to know something well and know how it works you have to spend time and live it first hand, something that I have been lucky enough to be able to do and so I can safely say that it is a totally transparent organization that focuses all its efforts on community development, bringing vital information to the people with whom it works making them free". - Vir Baeza, Spanish Volunteer


Nishant Bangera

"Muheem brings a ray of hope for several women residing in the rural areas for a better, healthy and a dignified life. For the country that still doesn't have basic sanitation facilities for many, we need organisations like Muheem that dedicatedly and effectively works towards the solutions by creating awareness on grassroots level. We have been delighted to work with Muheem towards the common goal of upholding women's rights and eliminating menstrual taboos. Muse Foundation wishes all the very best to Muheem for all their endeavours.". - Nishant Bangera, President, Muse Foundation, Mumbai


Japleen Pasricha

"Feminism in India (FII) has worked with Muheem for a content partnership, where various team members of Muheem have written articles on critical issues like masculinity, menstruation, bodily autonomy, comprehensive sexuality education on the FII Hindi website. We have had a fruitful partnership with Muheem and would like to also work in the future on issues that share our vision and mission." - Japleen Pasricha, Feminism In India, Delhi


Navendu Nidhan

"Many NGOs and organisations for social change have mushroomed in Varanasi in the previous decade but very few have expanded on the basis of scale and the impact on the community. After all, it’s a herculean task to scrape through red tapism in the government to be able to establish an NGO in the first place. And considering the lack of transparency in transactions in our country, donations and sponsorships too are not easy to receive too.

In spite of all these hurdles, Muheem has been making  substantial social impact in India until now. Muheem has been working in villages with issue related to women’s health, gender and intersectional feminism in rural areas of Varanasi. Amongst many other ancillary functions to support the villagers of Varanasi, Muheem plays a critical role in influencing policy change for the women and providing emotional and material support". - Navendu Nidhan, Research Scholar (Banaras Hindu Univeristy) Varanasi


Aparna Tiwari

"My association with Muheem started with a project of Ministry of Culture in the year 2018. What is really fascinating about Muheem's work is that in the grassroots of India where it is almost impossible to discuss about gender, menstrual hygiene and sexuality, Muheem is not only doing a commendable job but also making a very positive change in the mindset and practices of people. Muheem is a signature of rural India in a long journey of gender equality and gender justice in this country. With all my love, support and best wishes". - Aparna Tiwari, Delhi


Krishna Kumar Jaiswal

"The need of the Muheem is very important to our society, especially in our rural areas. In our old and unconventional customs, talking to women at an important issue like menstruation is also a crime. It is essential to make them aware in this area because in the absence of it, many women suffer from many diseases. I wish you all the best for your efforts, hard work and this idea in this male dominated country and I express my gratitude for your movement towards this society and will always be present for any kind of support in future". - Krishna Kumar Jaiswal, Varanasi


Maartje van de Sluis

"It has been a few months since I was introduced to Muheem. They are doing excellent, important and connected work. I may experience how they talk about sexuality and menstruation in schools.They are going to the village to work with women and children as well as men for gender, sexuality and sustainable development, which I really liked.I support this organisation with all my heart!". - Maartje van de Sluis, Volunteer, Chances 4 children the Netherlands


Nandlal Master

"Muheem from its early days started training on issues like menstruation, sustainable cotton sanitary pad making, women's rights, gender, sexuality and other women's empowerment topics with the Girls Sewing Center and Women's Self Help Group running by Lok Samiti in more than twenty villages. Its positive change we are seeing in our field of work. The women and adolescent girls of the village are now beginning to speak impromptu on issues like menstruation. Along with this, they are making, using and manufacturing sanitary pads made of cotton cloth and promoting it as a small cottage industry. This effort of Muheem is highly commendable and should be taken to more villages. Best wishes!" - Nandlal Master, Director & Founder of Lok Samiti (Varanasi)


Akanksha Sinha

"Concept of "change is you",perfectly goes with Muheem. Muheem, as per it's name, working multidimensional from its begining for change in society. Being in its initial stage,with very less funds it tried for best. With lots of effort and hard work initiated the topics on which people still don't want to talk about.It always strive to attain gender equality, empowerment, health and hygiene and establish proper knowledge of sexual education among the people who are marginalised. Muheem is not only doing a commendable job but also making a very positive change in the mindset and practices of people. Concept is change is you perfectly goes with Muheem. All participation of adolescents and women in its time to time projects like #PeriodAlert which gives platform for speaking openly on the taboo topics all these shows that Muheem has already started making a very positive change in the mindset and practices of people. I wish that Muheem: ek sarthak prayas get successful in all future endeavors and it leads to another places of country too."  – Akanksha Sinha, Coordinator /Teacher in Delhi Public School, Aurangabad


Vatan Singh

"I have been associated with Muheem ever since its inception and amazed by its tremendous journey of change so far. Clear in its vision and mission, Muheem strives for gender equality, women empowerment, menstrual hygiene and expansion of sex education. Transcending the boundaries of caste and religion Muheem extends it's services to all who need it. My association with Muheem has been a transforming journey for me". - Vatan Singh, MSW (TISS ), MA (Psychology) BHU Teacher (Dpt. Of Basic Education)


Gauravi Maurya

"I as the part of the major part of the country; the youth, am proud to see the efficient and phenomenal progress of Muheem in the field of social work. Providing a ray of hope for the unspoken but important segments such as feminism, provide for adequate sanitation, equality etc. their inspiration to many and motivation to such segments is impeccable. ". - Gauravi Maurya, Student, Mumbai


Panchmukhi Singh

"Talking about change is easy, but it is a big thing to bring about a change in reality. In such a way, the work of the Muheem is important in rural areas on the topics like sustainable menstruation, gender, sexuality, comprehensive sexuality education, women’s legal rights, puberty, women health and others. Everyday this organization is leading to a meaningful positive change. Keep going. Best wishes". - Panchmukhi Singh, Nagepur Village, Varanasi



“Muheem's mission have not only given me the opportunity to understand the real hidden needs of our society but also shaped my attitude towards it. Menstruation cycle is a health phenomenon for which women had always been treated as a criminal by our society and over the years women started blaming to their fate instead of understanding and questioning it. Muheem is a great initiative which reaches to the society and helps break this mental block among women by bringing them in front and discuss about it”. – Nivedita, Teacher in Kendriya Vidhyalay 


Prashant Tripathi

"In a short span of time, Muheem has worked effectively on different social issues in rural areas. In today's era when the youth are busy in their lives, the effort of this young team, which has connected their education with social concern is very commendable. Today, when we go on social media condolences after witnessing incidents of women violence and child sexual abuse, but this youth team has started working on these topics directly. I am confident that in the coming time the whole country will be a part of this mission. Best wishes to this effort. Continue it just like that."  – Prashant Tripathi, Lucknow



"Many girls and women are not so aware about their rights, many of them are not aware about menstruating circumstances, about the law but now with Muheem it seems possible to make all this happen, to make the girls and women knowledgeable about the rights, laws, by which they will be able to improve their life. Muheem is a hope for us. Muheem always does the worthwhile effort to improve the world. I am very thankful and glad to connect with Muheem."  – Rumpa, Seed For Change, Varanasi 


Shailesh Kumar

"Muheem is working towards the menstrual hygiene in a participatory approach with adolescent girls and women. It also provides education, counseling and recreational activities to sensitising young boys towards gender neutrality. Muheem conducts trainings, awareness drives with adolescent girls to enhance their self-confidence. They devise innovative strategies to engage youth participation."  – Shailesh Kumar, Research Scholar, Delhi University  


Yashi Das

"MUHEEM gave a platform to engage with women & people who are ready to bring a change in their own & other's lives. Challenging the social taboo revolving around menstruation, women's body & hence her identity as a whole in the society was not easy but a brave task, either through campaigns to mobilise people or articles to influence. Women has limitations that are different for different women but common for almost all women. MUHEEM is intersectional,  for pan India communities and across all religions. It stands in solidarity for human rights of women and thereby the society, for a world without her is unimaginable."  – Yashi Das, former student, Banaras Hindu University